iSnip 1.4

Time traveling standard in every download


  • Quick access to clippings
  • Works with any app
  • Autofill
  • History


  • Can't customize time and date


iSnip is a power clipboard manager for your Mac. Fitted in a nice little interface and accessible from your menu bar, iSnip lets you create all sorts of folders to keep all your snippets well organized and immediately accessible.

Thanks to the history button, you can go back in time and find a piece of text you've copied a long time ago. The most useful feature of iSnip is probably rules though.

These allow you to perform any sort of action, specifying what sort of text you want to add to which folder.

iSnip also includes an autofill function, precious to save a couple of seconds and it can litterally be used in conjunction with any other application on your Mac.

If we had one objection to the program, it would be that it doesn't allow you to customize date and time, but that's really no big deal. The iSnip menu bar item is probably the best place you can use it from as it's always accessible.

Writing a paper and wishing you had a bigger clipboard? Researching something online and having an endless stream of text clippings to work with?

iSnip is the easiest way to manage and access your text snippets. iSnip lives in the menu bar, right next to the Time, Volume, and similar menus.

From the iSnip menu, you have easy access to any of your text clippings. There's a Snippet Manager window that allows you to organize and modify your snippets with ease.

Once you're done, just go to the menu, select a snippet, and it's inserted directly into the frontmost application or copied to the clipboard!

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